Jo Going, artist

What?     “Proposed Swede Lake Selection” of 7,000 acres by University of Alaska (UA). Where?   Mostly on South side of Denali Highway, from east of Swede Lake Trail to just east of Upper Tangle Lake. Why:        Land sales and leases are an important source of needed funds for the university. Under recent legislation, it can receive 360,000 acres of land to help fund its operations. It can choose from 500,000 acres. How:       UA would sell or lease the land for remote recreation (e.g., hunting and guide permits) or subdivision and sale. They would no longer be open to the public. What You Can Do:

  • Contact Adrienne K. Stolpe, Director, 907-7866, and cc:
  • Tell UA how you use Denali Highway lands—hunting? berry picking? wildlife watching?
  • Tell UA you want all those lands to remain public.
  • Ask UA to remove Swede Lake from proposed selections and choose others.