Those of us who love the Tangle Lakes region enjoyed a brief interlude during which there were no nearby hardrock mining claims. Now there are. (Technically, they are called “leaseholds locations.”)

The claims were staked by Altum Minerals LLC, a small exploration company which was formed in 2018 with offices in Anchorage. All are within the boundaries of the proposed Tangle Lakes State Game Refuge.

Other than posting claims, it appears that Altum Minerals has done no on-the-ground work. However, the claims are a source of concern because the price of the nickel (the major metal of interest) is double what it was in the summer of 2017, when there was no mining company activity there. We must keep an eagle eye on this, so if you see activity in the area, please contact us!

If you see activity in the area, please contact us.