Save Tangle Lakes!

Enjoy It Now, Protect It For the Future!

You had an impact!

On Tuesday February 27, the bill to establish a Tangle Lakes State Game Refuge came up for a vote in the House Fisheries Committee. Before the vote, Committee Chair Stutes pointed favorably to the large number of supporting emails. The bill got a “do pass” by a 4-to-3 vote.

HB 272 is now in the House Resources Committee. Many more supportive emails are needed. If you haven’t yet taken three minutes to protect future years of pleasure in the Tangle Lakes region, do so now by copying this list for sending an email. Tell them why YOU support the bill.



Representative Andy Josephson has introduced a bill with the Alaska State Legislature

that would establish a Tangle Lakes State Game Refuge.

To read House Bill 272, click here.


Alaska’s Tangle Lakes region: People love it for what they can see and do here. Wildlife—especially the Nelchina caribou herd—need it for their seasonal and year-round homes. The Delta Wild and Scenic River, rippling with grayling, runs through it. For 10,000 years, Native Alaskans have hunted, fished, and picked berries here. They continue to do so, and so do many non-Natives. Today, Common uses have expanded to include hiking, paddling, dog mushing, birding, sightseeing, and much more. Click here to see photos.

However, all this is threatened by a completely incompatible use: large-scale industrial mining. In recent years, foreign mineral exploration companies have been active near Tangle Lakes, the Denali Highway, and lands to the North. Activity waned between 2015 and 2017, but a resurgence in the price of nickel could bring renewed exploration. Click here to learn more about the mining claims.

If an economically profitable ore body is found, the resulting mine would scar the scenic landscape, limit public access, imperil archeological treasures, and displace important wildlife. Contaminated water, polluted air, rumbling ore trucks, and noise are huge issues at any major mine site, and Tangle Lakes would be no different. Click here to learn more.

One of the things we can do to protect the Tangle Lakes region is get the state to create a Tangle Lakes State Game Refuge. A refuge would allow hunting and recreational uses to continue, but would place stronger restraints on hardrock mineral exploration and mine development. Any existing claims would not be extinguished. Click here to learn more.

When you visit the Tangles, or think about past visits there, or enjoy pictures of its wildlife, scenery, and activities, resolve to help keep it that way. Click here to find out how.